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How Our Clients Benefit

Drawing on our experience in the wood mill business, our clients will experience the benefits of working with an established world class leader.


Due diligence and testimonials from industry leaders and our clients certify that we are a quality provider of pre-processing engineering and facilities management.

Our reputation for safe, predictable results provides confidence to insurers and  financial institutions. Our experience means we have developed time-proven solutions – so you don’t have to.


We believe personal service builds the kind of relationships that help companies succeed. Our employees are well-trained and dedicated to provide you with professional service on a timely basis. With 19 installations already in operation, we can provide redundant systems support and manpower on an as needed basis.


Our large network of established resource and service providers means operational security today and tomorrow. Safety, security, and high quality maintenance insures that your operation runs smoothly without costly interruptions. Our equipment and procedures are designed and operated in compliance with the highest level of state and local regulations.


We are a one-stop service provider able to consult, procure, build, operate, and maintain the systems and facilities we design. Working with us means that you are free to focus on your business and core competency.


Every working relationship requires a custom solution where every need is satisfied. We access information on state-of-the-art technology and procedures and can aid you in phasing in the new while cycling out the old.


Save money – we offer the perfect combination of top value procurement with low overhead.

Save time - getting up and running with fewer interruptions and faster access to parts and labor.

Save time and money – we recognize and implement system efficiencies that have a huge impact on your bottom line

“Graphic Packaging has a business relationship with most chip handling and wood processing companies in the USA. The Price Companies has exceeded all our expectations from customer service to chip quality on the chip pile. We look forward to the strengthening of our win-win relationship in the future.”

- David Pattison, Graphic Packaging

“The Price Companies, Inc. has a better understanding of the customer/supplier relationship than anyone I’ve ever worked with. They are always able to match their production with Green Bay Packaging’s needs.”

- Miles Lacy, Green Bay Packaging

Last updated July 3, 2008