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Regional (state by state) announcements of new RFS and legislation relevant to bioenergy and feedstock issues


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Reference Materials

    1. Biomass as Feedstock for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry: The Technical Feasibility of a Billion-Ton Annual Supply, April 2005 (PDF 8.5 MB)
    2. Roadmap for Agriculture Biomass Feedstock Supply in the United States (PDF 18.9 MB)
    3. Biomass Feedstock Availability in the United States: 1999 State Level Analysis
    4. Innovative Methods for Corn Stover Collecting, Handling, Storing, and Transporting (PDF 2.3 MB)
    5. Corn Stover for Bioethanol—Your New Cash Crop (PDF 256 KB)
    6. Biofuels and Agriculture: A Factsheet for Farmers (PDF 593 KB)
    7. Biofuels from Trees: Renewable Energy Research Branches Out (PDF 907 KB)
    8. Energy from Biofuels: The Greening of America (PDF 428 KB)
    9. Biofuels from Switchgrass: Greener Energy Pastures (PDF 197 KB)

Last updated November 18, 2010