Our Mission

To provide sustainable biomass feedstock to the full-spectrum of bioenergy and manufacturing enterprises.

It is worth thinking about the environmental situation in the world and thinking about improving it. We care about urban ecology!


BIOstock is a new division of The Price Companies, Inc. , one of the world’s largest and most experienced wood processing operators. Price Companies currently manages 19 facilities in the United States.

We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art consulting, procurement, systems design/engineering, and management services to our growing base of customers.

Recognizing the emergence of new renewable fuels and waste management industries, BIOstock Services offers proven systems and reliable management experience that will satisfy the biostock needs of these cutting edge businesses.

Our total commitment to service - “whatever you need, whenever you need it” - characterizes our relationship with our clients. Price’s network in the forest products, land management and logistics industry is based on successful long-term business relationships with our clients and vendors. This position allows Price BIOstock Services to be a one-stop provider for all your biostock needs.

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What are BIOstocks?

Biomass feedstocks (BIOstocks) are living or recently living biological material which can be used as fuel or raw material for industrial production. Most commonly, biomass refers to plant matter grown for use as biofuel , but also includes plant or animal matter used for production of fibers, chemicals, or heat. It is usually measured by dry weight.

Last updated July 3, 2008
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